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Episode 6: Taking Action Toward Something Big

We believe everyone has an idea that is gnawing at their insides. You know the one. Maybe it’s a book you want to write, a trip you want to take, a get-in-shape regimen you want to start or, perhaps you’re starting to think about a graceful transition out of your current employment situation.

Chances are, if you have a big idea, you spend a fair amount of time thinking and talking about how you are going to execute that idea….”one day.”

Well, what if “one day” is now? Right now. What if you stopped waiting for things to start and just got out of your own way? How will you get started? Who can help you? Where will you find the time? Ahhhhh!

Look, we get it. Beginning anything is not easy. Ask yourself those questions and you’re bound to feel your pulse quicken. Add in the fear of failure and all the regular pressures of the world, and no one will fault you for crawling back in bed, hitting the snooze button and mumbling “I’ll start tomorrow.”

But, not this time. Nope. This time, it’s GO time.

We think you’ll love this episode if you’re looking for some tried-and-true hacks for getting your idea off the ground. And the best part? They’re easy. You can start right away.

In this episode we’re talking about five keys to unlocking a project’s potential and taking clear action to bring it to life.

We’ll cover:

  • The value in narrowing your focus to just one thing
  • The legit kick in the ass you can get from choosing the right accountability partner
  • The importance of forcing yourself to find the time (and then actually using it)
  • The tough hurdle of putting your perfectionism aside
  • Identifying when you need to ask for help and how to find it

Now, we’re sincerely hoping that this “big idea” you have rolling around made it into your 2016 imperatives from our Living True worksheet. What? You haven’t downloaded it and filled it out?! Get on that! If not, get that project front-and-center in your mind before you click “play.” It’ll help bring it all to life!

Whether your just beginning to honor the idea that’s in your brain or you’ve been through the fits and starts of getting it going…we know this episode can help.

Show Notes

Hilary Rushford

Gretchen Rubin: Better Than Before, The Happiness Project 

The Lively Show episode with Gretchen Rubin 

“Robert Redford Goes to Sea in ‘All Is Lost'”

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