Ok, here’s where it all begins. We believe that living true is comprised of eight essential elements, or what we like to call our manifesto.

  1. Showing up

  2. Doing the work

  3. Choosing love over fear

  4. Striving for simplicity

  5. Daring to be vulnerable

  6. Asking the big questions

  7. Letting your heart do the talking

  8. Treating yourself like gold

Not all of these are easy. Not all of them are fun. Not at all. This is about hard work and determination. About taking risks, being diligent and listening to your gut along the way.

After years of sitting in jobs we didn’t love, fighting for relationships that didn’t align with our values and dishing out some pretty negative self-talk in front of every mirror we saw, we put our heads together and decided to figure out what it is that we stand for. What we want to stand for. And those eight statements are what we came up with. They are affirmations and aspirations, all in one.

Like that? Us, too. Here’s one you can save or share.


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