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Episode 2: Making a Home a Home, Wherever You Are

What’s your home like? Is it an apartment or a house? Do you rent? Own? Sublet? Is it your “forever home?” That last question is a big part of what we dive into in this episode.

Neither of us lives in what we’d call our forever home. Though Brooke owns and Clara rents, we’re both currently living in spaces where we are not likely to make major investments or grow old. We know we’re not alone in this. And frankly, even if you do live in your forever home, you might face the same struggles, namely: how do you make your space and neighborhood  feel like a home? Whether we’re talking about six months, six years, or more.

We’ve learned that what makes a home a home is not so much about the physical space but rather how you want to feel. Above all, we feel that the concept of “home” is a work in progress.

We think you’ll love this if you’ve been putting off officially settling into a space, whether it simply feels overwhelming or because you are “too busy” anticipating a change.

In this episode we cover:

  • The importance of avoiding the pain of the “waiting game” when it comes to your current home situation
  • How to identify what you value in a home or neighborhood, and how to bring those values to life no matter what kind of home you have
  • How to view periods of transition as opportunities rather than obstacles
  • How to turn off “future vision” and focus on being more present wherever you are
  • Some small items to invest that can help to make a home feel like a home without spending a fortune
  • The importance of creating memories within any space

Show Notes:

Production note: This episode was originally recorded in summer 2015.

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