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Episode 18: Eight Ways to Live Through a Shit Week

There’s really no other way to slice this one. The month of April was a rocky period for us both. Job stuff. Relationship stuff. Spring sickness. The last few weeks have been nothing short of brutal for Team LL.

Candidly, it made it really hard to record (hence our brief radio silence). But when we came out on the other side, we realized we weren’t alone. Whether or not Mercury is in retrograde, we all go through periods where life simply sucks. Shit hits the fan in more ways than one and you find yourself barely slogging through the day-to-day. While we’d love to think we’ll never suffer such low periods again, they’re inevitable. So, we came up with a strategic list – an eight-step process, if you will – of how to cope with these periods when they strike.

We think you’ll love this episode if you’ve been going through a rough patch and are in need of some hard and fast tips to help put your heart, mind, and body back in order.

In this episode we cover our eight steps to getting back on track, which include:

  1. The necessity of the sick day, and when/how to take it
  2. Capturing all that’s stressing you out (both personally and professionally) in a BIG list
  3. The power of taking a personal day (or time) to get stuff done
  4. Prioritizing your self care while loosening expectations around what it looks like
  5. Working with an accountability partner to get you through this period
  6. How to ask yourself the tough questions and get at the root of what’s really dragging you down
  7. Curbing your consumption of all media (except Gilmore Girls)
  8. How to let it all out while also stressing constructively

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