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Episode 12: 5 Steps for Breaking Up With Your Phone

Have you ever put on your fitness clothes, or sat down to read a book or started to get ready for bed and picked your head up 30 minutes later, only to realize you just fell down an Instagram rabbit hole? Us too. Us. Too.  It’s not just the wasted time that kills us, though. It’s the guilt and shame that comes with spending too much time on devices, the comparison traps we inevitably fall into on social media, the loneliness…the list goes on.

We were each fortunate to take a short spring break trip at the beginning of March. We challenged ourselves to use that time to truly unplug and we both made a concerted effort to leave our phones out of arm’s reach. While vacation is a natural period to take a step back, the experience brought about some revelations for us around digital detoxing in our everyday lives.

With that notion in mind, we created an easy 5-step strategy to break up with your phone (or any device) and make unplugging regularly a reality.

We think you’ll love this episode if you’re feeling too tethered to your phone (and can’t for the life of you stop scrolling through Instagram) and are looking for some straightforward tips about how to lessen your digital reliance – be it to your phone, Facebook, blogs, or TV.

In this episode we cover:

  • A simple, five-step process we mapped out to address your digital dependence without going cold turkey
  • Getting real about your relationship with your phone by using a mindful, non-judgmental mindset
  • Small steps you can take every day to curb your habits and get more present
  • How to intentionally curate the content you consume – be it an Instagram feed, blogs, articles, etc.
  • The power of getting into your own life, for the sake of a digital detox or simply for your own personal growth
  • The Life Lately Living True Toolkit

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