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Episode 16: {Ask Life Lately} Babies, Breakups, and Bettering Yourself

Do you ever wonder how you will juggle a thriving career and the addition of a baby at the same time? Are you struggling to move past an ex even though you know it’s probably time? Do you lose yourself so far in self-help content that you lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish in the first place?

Since we first dreamed of starting this podcast we always hoped to do some advice episodes. Enter #AskLifeLately. A simple Q and A format in which we answer real questions from actual LL listeners. Our aim is to leverage our own life experience to lend some perspective to whatever is on the minds of our dear listeners.

We think you’ll love this episode of you are considering kids, moving past an ex or looking to keep a clear head on your personal development path.

And if these topics are not your jam, then send your question our way! We’re eager to do more episodes like this in the future. Send any questions (seriously, ask us anything) to lifelatelypodcast (at)

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