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Episode 10: Shelling Out for Procedures like Acupuncture & Laser Hair Removal

Have you ever walked by a med-spa and thought “Is laser hair removal really worth it?” Or have you ever felt a pain in your neck and back and thought “Should I see a chiropractor?” We have, and we’ve done it (among other things).

But when it comes to procedures that hover in the wellness/beauty realm, it’s often really hard to tell what works for you and what’s worth it. That’s what we dive into in this week’s episode, covering laser hair removal and chiropractic, as well as acupuncture, waxing, and facials. And some of the questions that go along with how you decide what’s worth it for you.

We think you’ll love this episode if you’re curious about some of these treatments, or are already exploring them, and trying to figure out if the benefits align with your needs.

Show notes:

Correction: In this episode, Brooke discusses a “sonogram” treatment at the chiropractor. She probably should have said “ultrasound.” Ultrasound is the procedure; sonogram is the picture that comes from an ultrasound. (When you are pregnant, the terms are used interchangeably.) In chiropractic treatment there is no image, just ultrasound therapy. Got it? Cool, go with it.

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