This is Life Lately, a podcast about living true to you.

True friendship leaves a positive mark on all parts of your life. Life Lately captures the very real conversations between long-distance friends Brooke and Clara, two ever-evolving thirtysomethings navigating the complexities of everyday life. With equal parts rawness, humor and inspiration, we welcome you into our world as we dig deep into the crazy, amazing and challenging moments we call life. Though you may not be sitting side-by-side with us, we hope you’ll leave each episode feeling like you just caught up with your favorite friends: strong, valued and ready to take on the world.

How We Met

On a crisp fall day, inside the walls of a dreary office building, our paths crossed. Two Type A perfectionists struggling to find meaning and purpose in paper pushing and endless email. We would have made great adversaries, but we make even greater friends.

First, we talked about boys (duh), and then it became so much more. Soon, we were covering everything in depth from Bon Appétit to bad bosses, birth stories to botched Brazilians. No pretense, no filters, no judgement, no competition. Just a ton of love, learning and laughter. Our conversations got so good, we decided to record them.

Who We Are

A note from Brooke (left)

Nothing makes me happier than clean sheets, good grammar and late-night chocolate chip cookies. I’m married to Adrian, the same guy I’ve been with almost twenty years now. We live outside of Washington, D.C. with our two energetic little boys. I’m a work in progress: an aspiring writer, an aspiring minimalist and aspiring hardbody with a serious penchant for sleeping in. I’ve got Crohn’s disease so I’m a total “gut health” junkie (you’ll hear me talk about it quite a bit). When I’m not restaurant-hopping, seeing live music or planning my next getaway, I’m snuggled under the covers inhaling fiction and memoirs, and geeking out over self-betterment stuff.

A note from Clara (right)

I’m a lover of order, self-discovery, all things Brooklyn, and cream cheese frosting. My happy place is my kitchen. If I had only a single pair of skinny jeans and a big cozy sweater to wear for the rest of my life I’d be overjoyed. A few years back I started a blog that taught me the immeasurable value of investing in creative work. So, when my best friend and I entertained the idea of starting a podcast, it was a no-brainer. I can’t wait to see where it takes us! In the meantime, I’m doing my best to surround myself with projects, people and meals that light me up.

Who We Work With

The Life Lately podcast would not be possible without the knowledge, skills, abilities and encouragement of our lovely and talented team:

Emily Alfin Johnson Podcast Editor/Engineer

When she’s not editing audio and dealing with all things digital, Emily can be found running, baking or reading. Her best days are the ones where she can cross off every task on her to do list. Bicoastal by nature, she’s currently happily settled with her beagle, Echo, in Burlington, Vermont.

Katelyn Baker Branding & Graphics

Born and raised in southwestern Colorado, Katelyn is now a graphic designer living and working in New York City. She’s obsessed with everything from bluegrass music and book cover design to hiking and Helvetica. She’s never met a letterpressed anything she didn’t like.

Kristen Glanzmann, Munga Vision Web Development

In between websites and corporate branding, Kristen designs wedding and party invitations, nursery art and other fun things for her Etsy shop. Aside from her kids, hubby and design she also loves reading, painting, photography, yoga, drinking wine and re-learning how to ride her bicycle as well as she did in the 4th grade. Follow @mungavision on Instagram for more details and updates.

Keep in touch!

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Homepage and About page photos of Brooke & Clara by Heather Ryan Photography