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Episode 4: Three Little Questions {January}

Quick! What’s the best meal you’ve eaten recently? What’s on your nightstand? What’s one thing you’re obsessed with right now. Don’t you love those kind of convos with your besties? We do too! And while we have a tendency to go a little deep in conversation, we love to wax on about the everyday life, too.

In an effort to lighten things up a bit around here and help you get to know us on a more material level, we created a mini episode in which we check in with each other on three little questions.

We think you’ll love this if you’re in need of a quick break, whether it’s 10 minutes away from your desk, or a morning pick-me-up. Plus, it’ll give you some good questions to ask your friends the next time you hang out. 

In this episode, we each answer the three questions outlined above:

  1. What’s the best meal you’ve eaten recently?
  2. What’s on your nightstand?
  3. Name one thing you’re really into right now.

As you can see from the flurry of links below, we had quite a bit to talk about.

Show Notes:

We’d love to know: what’s the best meal you had recently? What goodies do you keep stashed on your nightstand? What’s one item you’re absolutely loving right now?

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