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Episode 1: Hitting the Fall Reset Button

Here’s the thing you need to know about us: we are serial wellness junkies. It’s probably good that we’re getting this fact right out in the open from the get-go.

We’re the people that make bone broth. We’re the people that do vegan detoxes, juice cleanses, Whole 30s, and net out at “plant-based paleo.” We love our yoga. We obsess over the quality (or lack) of our sleep. We take an array of supplements and have magnesium spray on hand. We look for xantham gum in ingredients lists. Seriously. We’re those people. And, naturally, we’re super curious about meditation (you know you saw that one coming).

So, while this episode was intended to be a more general conversation around getting our lives back on track post-summer 2015, we ended up seriously nerding out about our current, and ever-evolving wellness practices.

We think you’ll love this if you’re looking to hit the reset button on your body, mind and life (after a lazy summer, in January, or any time of year for that matter).

It goes without saying, just because we’re wellness junkies doesn’t mean we expect you to be! Nor does that mean we have health-food halos perched over our heads. Rest assured, we’re pretty fickle around caffeine, red wine and chocolate — and we get into that here. We simply like experimenting with this stuff because we find it strengthens our moderation muscle overall, which we find to be the ultimate factor when it comes to sustained health.

With all that in mind, here’s what we cover in this episode:

  • How we’re prioritizing self-care after an extra-indulgent couple of months
  • Actively creating and committing to some parameters to get back on track
  • The power of prioritizing sleep when it comes to self-care
  • How to make your meditation practice your own (free of definitions and expectations)
  • The value of skipping technology (in any form) in order to tap into your own creativity 
  • Focusing on “just one thing” to kickstart major changes in your wellness journey
  • How the struggle is so real with caffeine (we pose a challenge to our listeners)
  • Striking the balance between “living a little” while caring for yourself

P.S. A caveat: We know, we know we weren’t recording at the time of our October “caffeine-free challenge.” But, we promise to revisit this in a future episode with the whole LL community. In the meantime, that concept of changing “just one thing” can go a long way in a wellness reboot. Think about it!

Show Notes:

Production note: This episode was originally recorded in September 2015.

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